About StarLight Tel

StarLight Tel's mission is to offer customers innovative and straight forward phone service. Our first offering, Starlight Voice, is an easy to use low cost international phone service with no connection or monthly fees. The service is provided by IDT, a Fortune 1000 company. In the future, StarLight Tel will be offering additional phone services that will make it even easier to call your friends and family around the world.

About IDT

“Shouldn’t phone service cost less?” That was the idea that launched IDT 19 years ago. We began by delivering reliable, low-cost long distance phone service to overseas customers. Today, our telecommunications businesses reach around the world, helping to connect millions of people through the application of pioneering new technologies and new thinking. We continue to bring value and convenience to our customers with low-cost domestic and international calling from home or cell phones. And with pre-paid calling cards: with over 200 different phone cards, IDT is one of the largest distributors of pre-paid phone cards in the United States, selling over 20 million cards a month.

IDT is proud to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange and in the Forbes 1000. IDT employs over 2,000 people in 17 countries, and we are committed to ethical leadership and corporate social responsibility.

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StarLight Voice’s main number is (800) 785-8685