Dialing Tips

Imagine being able to save your friends’ and family’s international numbers directly into your cell phone — and still enjoy the extremely low rates of the StarLight Voice service.

Well... You Can!

We’ll show you how to use the features built into your phone that will allow you to dial direct. Almost all phones have this capability. But don’t worry: if your phone does’t, you can still enjoy our great service without this shortcut.

Follow the simple steps below and you will be able to call internationally directly from your phone!

Ready? Here’s The Big Secret

Save the access number with the pause and number you want to dial into your phone’s address book. Dial the number to test it. Some phones do not pause for long enough. If a single pause is not long enough you can add more pauses in a row.

Access Number Pause International Phone Number
1-781-613-8300 011-xxx-xxxx

Use a comma as a pause if you need to try to guess the pause key. The comma is the most common key for pausing. Some phones use the star character (*) to indicate a pause, and some use the pound (#) key to indicate a pause.

A few phones use the letter "P" to indicate a pause. Some phones have an option that says “Add” or “Insert Pause”. Check your phone’s user manual if you are not sure how to use this feature with your phone.

If you are unable to determine the pause key for your phone, contact your cellular phone company’s customer assistance or your phone’s manufacturer. Most phones made by the same manufacturer use the same pause character.

Dial Code Number Description
Access Number Pause Speed Dial Number

You can also use this along with Speedial feature that is in your StarLight Voice account. If your mom is the first Speedial number saved in your StarLight Voice account, you would enter the access number, then you would enter a pause, and then 1#.

Here’s a chart that will show some examples of what the phone number that you save into your phone’s address book might look like.

Pause Key Sample Phone Number Comment
, (comma) 17816138300,011525556359654 English Access Number + single pause + sample international number
* (star) 17816138300*1# Single pause followed by speed dial number 1
# (pound) 17816138300##011525556359654 Two pauses (in case one is not enough on your phone)
P 17816138300PP1# Two pauses + speed dial number 1

Access Numbers

Dial the number below that is best for you. For more access numbers, check the Access Numbers page.

If your provider lets you call anywhere in the U.S. at the same price, dial one of these numbers: Otherwise, for an extra 1.5 cents per minute, dial one of these numbers:
English1-781-613-8300 English1-866-634-0158
Spanish1-781-613-8301 Spanish1-866-634-0160

IMPORTANT: When calling from a cell phone, do not press “SEND” after entering destination number. This might result in additional charges from your wireless provider.