Features & Promotions

Here are a few of the many time and money-saving features you benefit from when using StarLight Voice - the most reliable calling card on the Web.


You can recharge your account’s balance. You’ll never be stuck somewhere without the ability to make a call.

Auto Recharge

Auto-recharge allows you to automatically recharge your account’s balance each time it falls below $3.00. It’s a great way to save yourself the time and hassle of either manually recharging your calling card or coming back to our site and buying a new card.

Also, you’ll never have to worry about being stuck without a balance when you are traveling or don’t have Internet access to buy a new card.

To set up this feature please see the instructions below. You can turn auto-recharge on or off at any time.

To set up your account with this feature follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. On the Recharge tab, just click the check box for Auto-Recharge and choose the amount that you want to recharge. To turn auto recharge off, unclick the check box at any time.

PIN-less Dialing

You can set up as many as nine personal telephone numbers that you can call from — besides your registered phone number. By adding these numbers to your service, you will avoid having to enter your account number + security code when calling.

Speed Dial

You can program telephone numbers in speed dial. This will save the numbers that you dial most often into your account’s memory. To call a registered speed dial number, press the speed dial code followed by the pound key.

Call History

This allows you to review all of your call detail records, including who you have called, length of conversation, and cost of the call.

Billing History

This allows you to review your credit card transactions for this service.