We’ve collected the most frequent questions people ask us and provided the answers here. Of course, if you still need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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If you are new to and want to create an account, click the Registration link in the menu. Click that option to set up a new account and follow the simple instructions.

No. Users of the StarLight Voice service can become members of the site and enjoy all of the great features we have to offer. You have the choice of adding balance to your account via credit card on the Web site, or you can go to any participating reseller to add funds as well. Our 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee applies to all purchases made with a credit card.

When you sign up and register at, your registered phone number serves as your login name. A security code will be sent to your phone, and we will call you with an automated message that will provide you with your security code. Your security code will function as your password for logging in to your account online.

A security code is a random number that we assign to each account. We assign this number for your protection. Your security code will be used for two things.

1. To log on to your account online
2. If you want to make a call from a phone that is not registered to your account, or if for some reason we do not recognize where you are calling from, we will require you to use your security code to make your call.

Shortly after you register for the service, we will send a text message to your phone with your security code. We will also call you on your registered phone number to deliver it to you.

Log in to your account and go to the “Update Personal Details” page in your Account Center. Edit your information; press the Update button on the bottom of the page and your new information will be saved. You can also set up your Auto Recharge from this page so you are never stuck without balance to make a call.

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See Rates.

Log in to your account using your registered phone number and security code. Once you are logged in click on the Recharge tab. Simply select an amount, the credit card you want to use, and click the “Recharge” button at the bottom of the page.

We suggest choosing Auto Recharge so that you are never stuck somewhere without the ability to make a call. Auto-recharge can be turned off as easily as it was turned on.

Remember, when purchasing with a credit card, we have a 100% no-questions- asked return policy.

You can also add funds to your account by visiting any retailer of the StarLight Voice service.

No, you do not need a long-distance carrier on your phone to use our service. However, if you are concerned that your access number may incur a long-distance charge from your provider, you should contact your provider to confirm.

You will get the best rates if you use one of the non-toll-free access numbers. Most calling plans allow you to call anywhere in the U.S. at the same price. If you are unsure about your plan, please check with your provider to ensure that you will not incur an additional cost.

Alternatively, for an extra 1.5 cents per minute you can use the toll-free access numbers.

There are a few reasons why your credit card may have been declined. One possible reason is that you may have previously given us your credit card’s expiration date which has expired. Alternatively, the Zip code you provided may not have matched the Zip code on record with your credit card company. Please look over your credit card and personal information to make sure that all the information given is accurate, then please place your order again. If you are still not successful, please call customer service at (800) 785-8685.

Absolutely! We at take security and the confidentiality of our customer’s personal information very seriously. All of our members’ personal information is stored safely behind our firewall. All online transactions are handled with the highest level of security. We incorporate Microsoft SSL (Security Socket Layer) into our Web site and employ the latest encryption technology to prevent our members’ information from being intercepted.

Dial the access number as you normally would. When prompted, enter your account number plus your four digit security code.

When you sign in to you account, you will see a tab called “Register Additional Phone Numbers”. You will be able to add four additional phone numbers to your account.

No. Unlike some calling cards or phone plans, there are no maintenance or other fees with StarLight Voice.

No. StarLight Voice’s low international rates are the same, no matter what the time or day of week.