How Does It Work?

It’s Easy

Once you have registered your account, just follow these simple steps to make a call.

1     Dial the number below that is best for you.

Select a state and choose an access number to call: If you would like to call a toll free access number instead there is an extra 1.5 cents per minute. Here are the toll-free access numbers:
English: 1-866-634-0158
Spanish: 1-866-634-0160

Tip: Save the number that is best for you into your phone’s memory.

2     Enter the number you wish to call.

Guess what? It can get even easier!

Learn how to skip these steps and dial directly to the number you want to reach!

IMPORTANT: When calling from a cell phone, do not press “SEND” after entering destination number. This might result in additional charges from your wireless provider.

NOTE: When calling from a phone number that is not registered to your account, or if, for some reason, the phone number you are calling from is not recognized by us, you will be prompted to enter your registered phone number followed by your security code. Learn more on our Help page.